Community-based management strategies for biocultural diversity conservation


Deliverables WP2 and WP3

Work Package 2: Biological diversity analysis and its implementation for community-based monitoring

D2.2 Manual for Community Rapid Biodiversity Assessment (including results from 4 field sites)

D2.3 Field Identification Guide - an aid for community biodiversity monitoring

D2.3 Annex 1 - Mexico

D2.3 Annex 2 - Bolivia

D2.3 Annex 3 - Brazil


Work Package 3: Impact of change in land use and traditional knowledge on natural resource management


Press Releases from the ESP 2014 conference in Costa Rica

Several members of the COMBIOSERVE Consortium participated at this year’s ESP Conference that took place from 8th to 12th September 2014 in Costa Rica. The seventh international conference of the Ecosystem Services Partnership concentrated on the use of the ecosystem services concept at the local level in Latin America with a strong focus on community-based conservation.



International Innovation Magazine: New issue presenting COMBIOSERVE

The latest issue of the magazine “International Innovation” (Research Media) has published a report on COMBIOSERVE in September 2014. The article also features an interview with Gary Martin (GDF), Christian R. Vogl and Christoph Schunko (both BOKU) where they discuss the importance of local participation, and the difficulties of integrating different forms of expertise.