Community-based management strategies for biocultural diversity conservation

Consortium meetings

The COMBIOSERVE consortium is composed of individuals and institutions from Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Spain, Austra, The Netherlands and the UK. Our challenge is therefore to maintain a vibrant and constant communication despite our distance. We do this by - throughout the project's duration - organising both official meetings, in which all consortium members participate, informal meetings that take place at public events in which certain consortium members are participating, and organised Skype sessions.


Official meetings

Kickoff meeting: Amsterdam, February 2012.

Consortium workshop: Bahia, June 2013.


Informal meetings

Congress of the International Society for Ethnobiology: Montpellier, May 2012.


Steering Committee meetings

Amsterdam, March 2012

Skype, 13 June 2012

Skype, 11 December 2012