Community-based management strategies for biocultural diversity conservation

Deliverables WP2 and WP3

Work Package 2: Biological diversity analysis and its implementation for community-based monitoring

D2.2 Manual for Community Rapid Biodiversity Assessment (including results from 4 field sites)

D2.3 Field Identification Guide - an aid for community biodiversity monitoring

D2.3 Annex 1 - Mexico

D2.3 Annex 2 - Bolivia

D2.3 Annex 3 - Brazil


Work Package 3: Impact of change in land use and traditional knowledge on natural resource management

D3.1 pt.1 Socio-environmental Conflict Analysis and the Implications for Public Policy Design and Environmental Management (policy brief) 

D3.1 pt.2 Landscape Perception and Computer Modelling in Participatory Mapping Efforts in Latin America (policy brief)

D3.1 pt.3 Integrating Communities' Values of Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge with Scientific Knowledge to Environmental Management (policy brief)

D3.2 Paths, trails and experiences in landscape: participatory mapping methods for land use and environmental conflicts analysis (methods manual)

D3.4 Educational brochure regarding Traditional Ecological Knowledge and cosmovision