Community-based management strategies for biocultural diversity conservation

Deliverables WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7

Work Package 4: Conditions and Threats for Community-based Management

D4.1 Community internal dynamics in local resource management: Conditions for self‐enforcement and effective co‐management (report)

D4.2 Policy Networks and Community Linkages for Managing Environmental and Social Change (report and policy brief)

D4.3 Incentives for community‐based management of biodiversity (report)

D4.4 Conditions and Threats for Community-based Management (policy brief)


Work Package 5: Conservation for resilient and adaptive livelihoods

D5.1 Policy Briefs (see this page)

D5.2 Scientific publications (see this page and downloadable deliverable)

D5.3 Videos on scenario-building exercises (see this page and downloadable deliverable)


Work Packages 6 and 7: Community-based research, mutual learning and participatory dissemination

D7.2 Methods Manual: Co-enquiry and Participatory Research for Community Conservation (includes D6.1 Community and Co-enquiry Research Protocols)