Community-based management strategies for biocultural diversity conservation

Field Workshop I

After obtaining Free Prior and Informed Consent and signing of community agreements (details available here), the COMBIOSERVE consortium began planning the first Field Workshops in the three field sites. Field Workshop 1 (FWS1) provided the first opportunity for the COMBIOSERVE research team to come together to explore collaborative approaches and processes for the implementation of the field research aspect of the project. The workshop also specifically sought to introduce researchers to the communities involved, support members of the latter in their election of their local research teams, and decide upon the specific themes the research teams would focus on. Although the research elements of all Work Packages (details available here) were touched upon during this workshop, in order to maintain a certain coherence and simplicity to the workshop, its focus was on Work Packages 2 (biological diversity monitoring) and 3 (land use change and participatory mapping). Following FWS1, community research teams, with the support of the local CSOs involved in the project, take over the research process and begin collecting data.


In Bahia, Brazil, the workshop took place in the community of Coroa Vermelha, which is located near the Reserva Jacqueira, between 28 August and 2 September 2012. An illustrated report and a video of the workshop are available here.


In Campeche, Mexico, the workshop took place between 20 and 28 September 2012 in the communities of El Sacrificio and Once de Mayo. An illustrated report of the workshop is available here.


In Bolivia, the First Field Workshop is planned for early 2013, and the dates and locations are yet to be determined.