Community-based management strategies for biocultural diversity conservation

Fieldwork in Mexico and Bolivia

In between COMBIOSERVE's planned field workshops, which are moments of intensive collective work, our local and international researchers continue to carry out day-to-day fieldwork among participating communities. As part of this process, in October and November 2012 we began our study of local use and dependence on natural resources and adaptive capacity to changing conditions in agricultural, livestock and forestry systems.


UAB researcher, Diana Calvo Boyero, carrying out a semi-structured interview in the community of Santo Domingo-El Sacrifício (Mexico), in October 2012. Photo Carla Flecha Legaz.


We carried out ~40 in-depth interviews and focus groups with key informants in the communities of Once de Mayo and Santo Domingo-El Sacrificio (Campeche, Mexico) and of Alto Colorado and San Luis Chico (PIlón Lajas, Bolivia). We identified key socio-political and environmental stressors and began to explore household vulnerability and adaptive capacity. Subsequently we will characterise and analyse coping and adaptation measures in changing environmental, socio-economic and political conditions, taking into account individual, collective and cultural determinants of adaptation. This study, led by ICTA-UAB, will incorporate another two Brazilian communities in March 2013.