Community-based management strategies for biocultural diversity conservation

Pre-workshop meeting in Tsimane communities

In contrast with communities in Campeche and Bahia, the remote and isolated T'simane communities involved in the project (San Luis Chico and Alto Colorado in Pilon Lajas, Bolivia) have no previous experience of participatory methodologies. With the aim of introducing them to the collaborative work of the COMBIOSERVE team, the Universidad Mayor de San Simón and the Centro Boliviano de Investigación y Desarrollo Socio Integral organised 'pre-sowkrhop' meetings in both communities. The meetings introduced the project to establish trust, find common understandings for key terms and ideas that will be used throughout the project, and start a process of baseline socio-environmental mapping to help researchers elaborate appropriate methods for working in Tsimane communities. During this workshop the first semi-structured interviews on the research themes of Conditions and threats for community-based managementand Conservation for resilient and adaptive livelihoods were also introduced, and implemented by local researchers. The first full field workshops will take place in early 2013 in both communities.


Tsimane women participating in the pre-workshop meeting in Alto Colorado, November 2012.