Community-based management strategies for biocultural diversity conservation

Press Releases from the ESP 2014 conference in Costa Rica

Several members of the COMBIOSERVE Consortium participated at this year’s ESP Conference that took place from 8th to 12th September 2014 in Costa Rica. The seventh international conference of the Ecosystem Services Partnership concentrated on the use of the ecosystem services concept at the local level in Latin America with a strong focus on community-based conservation.


COMBIOSERVE was one of the EU-funded projects present at the conference. On 10th September Christian R. Vogl and Christoph Schunko (BOKU) chaired the session “Scaling out and sharing of community-owned strategies“, together with Jay Mistry, the leader of the COBRA partner project. Experiences made in five FP7 projects about scaling out community-owned strategies were presented as well as discussed and evaluated with the audience. Generating new ideas about the conditions and strategies for scaling out community-owned strategies was one of the goals of the session.


Download the press releases from the conference below.